An InfoBox is a window that displays information about a monitored object.

The PATROL Console and Agent provide some standard information, such as icon type or status. Most application classes provide additional information specific to the application or component being monitored. Standard fields are displayed near the top of an InfoBox, while fields that are defined by the application class are displayed near the bottom and may be identified by a check mark or by being below a horizontal rule, depending on your console type. 

The following table lists the fields that are standard for all application class InfoBoxes:


History Retention

Number of days for which current history has been kept

Worst Parameter

Name of the parameter with the worst performance in the application class

Default username

Account name used if not otherwise specified

Application class

Name of the application class


Current state of the application, such as "OK," "running," or "stopped"

Icon type

Icon type (for application class InfoBoxes: Application)

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