20.05.10: Patch 1

This topic provides information about the features added to PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers version 20.05.10.

For the list of issues resolved in the patch, see Known and corrected issues.

Support for new attributes in remote monitoring

The following attributes of the Health AT A Glance (NT_HEALTH) application class are supported in remote monitoring:

  • Total Processor Utilization (ProcessorUtilization)
  • Resource Contention (ResourceContention) 

For more information, see Health AT A Glance (NT_HEALTH).

Downloading the patch

The following table provides links to the pages in the EPD website that contain the installation files for this product. From the EPD page, select and download the installation files for your platform. Use your BMC Support credentials to access the EPD website. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

ComponentEPD linkInstallation file name

PATROL for Microsoft Windows (20.05.10)

Important: It is a cumulative patch file. You do not require to install the base version.

   Download link for Windows Open link


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