This section provides information about troubleshooting problems that you could encounter in this release.

PMW4093I_ Process Selected for Start Cannot be Started

This message indicates that the process selected for start cannot be started because it is in a remote environment with no mechanism for sending a start command. 
This can occur in the following scenarios:

  • An application server registered as a remote application server.
  • A node agent participating in a remote deployment manager environment
  • A node agent participating in a local deployment manager environment, but with the node agent residing on a different host from the deployment manager
  • A deployment manager registered as a remote deployment manager

Setup and Configuration Problems

  1. Do you have IBM WebSphere Application Server available ? The PATROL for WebSphere Application Server product cannot be configured without an available WebSphere installation.
  2. Have you completed the process of configuring application servers for monitoring? See Configuring the KM in PATROL console
  3. Many features depend on the Performance Level setting in WebSphere. Have you set the required performance monitoring level? 

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