Setting up filters for the monitoring of SAP PI messages

You can monitor SAP PI messages from three types of SAP PI components: Business System, Integration Server, and J2EE Adapter Engine. To ensure that you receive information only about messages that are relevant to you, you define message filters. These filters limit the retrieval of messages based on whether they match the criteria that you define. Within each filter you can combine criteria, using various operators and values. In addition, you can define multiple filters for each SAP PI component.

To configure SAP PI message filters

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click the SAP PI component whose messages you want to monitor:
    • SAP PI Integration Server (SSM_PI_IS_CONT)
    • SAP PI Business System (SSM_PI_BS_AVAIL_COMP)
    • SAP PI Adapter Engine (SSM_PI_AE_CONT)
  2. Select KM Commands > Data Collection > Messages > Filter Setup.
  3. In the PI Component Filters dialog box, manage the list of message filters for this SAP PI component (Integration Server, Business System, or J2EE Adapter Engine) by performing any of the following actions:
    • To add a new message filter, select Add and then click Accept.
    • To edit an existing message filter, select the filter, select Edit, and then click Accept.
    • To delete a message filter, select the filter, select Delete, and then click Accept.
  4. If adding a new message filter, in the Add Message Filter dialog box, specify a name for the message filter in the Filter Name field. The name must be unique for this PI component.
  5. If adding or editing a message filter, in the Add/Edit Message Filter dialog box, define values for the following available filter criteria:
    • Status
    • Receiver Service
    • Sender Service
    • Receiver Interface
    • Sender Interface
    • Receiver Party
    • Sender Party
    • (Integration Server or Business System only)Queue Name
      For each of these criteria, the default is all (an empty Value field). To limit a criterion to a specific value, select an operator in the Operation field, either = (equals) or Contains. Then enter the string by which to filter in the Value field. If you use special characters, escape them with a backslash (for example, for the string a%b, enter a%b ).
      For Adapter Engine messages, selection of status is limited to a closed list with the following values: WAIT (WAITING), HOLD (HOLDING), FAIL (FAILED), DLNG (DELIVERING), TBDL (TO BE DELIVERED), and NDLV (NOT DELIVERED).
  6. Click Apply to save your new filter and return to the PI Component Filters dialog box.
  7. Repeat steps 3- 5 for any additional filters that you want to define.
  8. When you have finished configuring message filters, click Close in the PI Component Filters dialog box.
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