Managing the retrieval of thresholds for CCMS performance parameters

By default, the data obtained from the SAP Solution Manager for performance-type CCMS parameters does not include the thresholds defined through the CCMS for the generation of warnings and alarms. You can activate or deactivate the retrieval of CCMS thresholds for performance-type CCMS parameters, either for a whole SAP system or for individual CCMS Contexts below it.

To manage the retrieval of thresholds for performance-type CCMS parameters

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click a discovered SAP system
  2. Select KM Commands > Data Collection > Manage Thresholds.
  3. In the Performance Parameters Thresholds dialog box, set the SID-level configuration on the left to either Active Threshold or Inactive Threshold.
    The default is Inactive Threshold, that is, thresholds defined in the SAP CCMS are not retrieved prior to configuration.
  4. To override the SID-level configuration with Context-level configuration for any individual CCMS Contexts, select names of CCMS Contexts in the list on the left (under SID Level Configuration ) and move them to the relevant list on the right. Use the Move Selection To Active Threshold arrow or the Move Selection To Inactive Threshold arrow to move names of CCMS Contexts to Context-level configuration lists.
    To move CCMS Contexts back to the SID-level configuration setting, use the Move Selection To SID Level Configuration arrow.
  5. When you have finished moving CCMS Contexts between the lists, select Done.
  6. Click Apply.
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