Key concepts

The BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server product operates with a PATROL Agent and one or more of the PATROL consoles to monitor Microsoft SQL Server products. PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server contains knowledge in the form of applications, commands, parameters, and recovery actions. BMC PATROL uses this knowledge to monitor, analyze, and manage Microsoft SQL Servers.

PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server was created for use by Microsoft SQL Server database administrators, system administrators, and PATROL administrators in the daily administration and management of the Microsoft SQL Server products. If you have any questions regarding the operation or management of Microsoft SQL Server, refer to the Microsoft SQL Server manuals and website.

Knowledge Modules (KM) provide information for the way monitored computers are represented in the BMC PATROL interface, for the discovery of application instances and the way they are represented. It also provides information for the parameters that are run under those applications, and for the options available on object pop-up menus.


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