If you face VMM connection or collection issues,

  • Execute SCVMHostGroup, Get-SCVMHostCluster, Get-SCVMHost, Get-SCVirtualMachine cmdlets. 


PowerShell APIs are used to connect and collect the data remotely from VMM server. Data is collected using cmdlets. For example, Get-SCVMHostGroup, Get-SCVMHostCluster, Get-SCVMHost, Get-SCVirtualMachine etc.). The PowerShell APIs internally uses WinRM.

  • Right click VMM Server > KM commands > Debug > On/Off .
  • Start the debug.
  • Go to patrolhome/scv/log directory and send the latest log report file to BMC Customer Support.

 For more information, see Agent configuration variables.

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  1. Sahar Nir

    troubleshooting problem that vmm km try to connect default framework (4.5) that is not supported ( on server 2012 r and even 2016 ) ,please add a comment that send customer to the - getting stated -Agent configuration variables in this place its tell u how to fix the problem that the support team doesn't tell u for a whole month ....

    Jul 11, 2019 06:48
    1. Swati Malhotra

      Hi Sahar Nir ,

      Thanks for your comment! I have added the link to the Agent configuration variables page on the page.

      In addition, we have provided a link to this page on this page - Configuring Virtual Machine Manager in PATROL.

      Do let me know if more changes are required.

      Thanks and regards,


      Oct 09, 2019 04:40