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May 22, 2019Technical bulletinsAdded Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 support
December 19, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded Microsoft Windows Server 2019 support
December 17, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded CentOS 7.6 support
December 10, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 support
October 11, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.5 UEK support
July 31, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded Debian 8.11 and 9.5 support
July 25, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 support
July 03, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded platform support
May 14, 2018Technical bulletinsAdded platform support
February 1, 20182.7.30.01: Patch for BMC PATROL for Log Management 2.7

Released a patch that fixes various known issues reported in earlier versions.

Issues fixed by this patch

September 29, 2017Technical bulletinsAdded platform support
April 13, 2017Technical bulletinsAdded platform support
March 28, 20172.7.30: Service Pack 3

PATROL for Log Management 2.7.30 provides you the following new features:

  • Support for monitoring of latest log files with a single Log file instance
  • Added Read Logs agent action
  • Support for configuring the read position of an instance 
  • Added platform support
October 27, 2016Announcing support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016Added platform support
April 04, 20162.7.20.01: Patch for BMC PATROL for Log Management 2.7.  
  • Support for new Log Management monitor type and monitor the log management using a credential different from the default PATROL Agent user.
  • LOGFileSizeMB log monitoring parameter is activated by default.
  • Deprecated the Global Settings monitor type.
September 23, 20152.7.20: Service Pack 2

PATROL for Log Management 2.7.20 provides you the following new features:

  • Support for setting default value for the actInitialReadEOF variable at a global level
  • Support for displaying full name of the LOGMON display name
  • Support for generating single event instead of two events
  • Platform support
August 20, 20152.7.10.01: Patch for BMC PATROL for Log Management 2.7Released a patch to fix issues reported in the earlier versions

January 31, 2014

2.7.10: Service Pack 1

PATROL for Log Management 2.7.10 provides you the following new features:

  • Support for BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Administration
  • New parameters for LOG application class


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