Monitoring files in Unicode format

Using the Log Management, you can monitor files in Unicode format. The Unicode file format is recognized by using BOM characters. Depending on the encoding format such as UTF8, UTF16 BE (big endian), or UTF16 LE (little endian), the file is monitored. Configuring files in the Unicode format is similar to configuring text files in PATROL KM for Log Management. Set up a log file for monitoring as described in Monitoring text files.

Before you begin

You must be using the PATROL Central Operator - Windows Edition, PATROL Central Operator - Web Edition, or a PATROL Console in Developer mode. You can also add a text file to monitor by using the Product Short PATROL Configuration Manager plug-in as described in PATROL Agent Configuration Variables.


PSL, PATROL Agent, and PATROL Console do not support the Unicode file format. Thus, the KM is unable to monitor or accept match strings in multibyte characters. If the data contains a multibyte character set, there is data loss. The KM displays the result in the ASCII format. The KM monitors a file with the ASCII character set and that uses the UTF 8 or UTF 16 encoding format. It does not search a file with multibyte character set nor display a match string.

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