Configuring Name Server (DNS) monitoring


This feature is no longer supported by the KM version 9.0.40. For more information see, 9.0.40: Service Pack 4 for BMC PATROL for Internet Server.

The Add Monitor Types dialog box enables you to monitor the performance of DNS server when you selectName Server (DNS) as the monitor type. 


You can configure only the DNS servers that have already been discovered.



Instance nameEnter the instance name of the query.

DNS Server Name

Enter the DNS server to run the query on, by the monitored device. A server is automatically selected, if this filed is left blank.

DNS Query

Enter the text string to be used in the query from one of the following:

  • IP name
  • IP address
  • Website
  • Regular Expression
RetryEnter the number of retries. The number of attempts made to resolve the query before an error is returned.
TimeoutEnter the time in seconds. The number of seconds to wait for a response before timeout.

Select the type of the query from the following:

  • A - Get Host Address. To lookup the IP address.
  • NS - Get Name Server Record. To lookup the name servers for a domain.
  • CNAME - Lookup canonical name. To find the host name referenced by an alias.
  • SOA - Start Authority lookup. To lookup Start of Authority information for a domain.
  • PTR - Get Pointer record for IP->Name resolution. To find the host name for a IP address.
  • MX - Get mail exchanger information. To find the mail servers for a host or a domain.
  • SRV - Get Service Location Resource Record information. To lookup the location, that is host name or port number of a host or a domain, for specified services.
  • ANY - Get all information associated with a query. To lookup all DNS Records for a domain.

Content Check Criteria

Single line content expression

Enter the expected response from the DNS server.

Multi line content expression file

Enter the name of the file containing the expected responses.

Case sensitive match

Enable to match the case of the response to the expression included in the single line content expression or the multi line content expression file.

Evaluate Unix-style regular expressions

Enable to compare the response to a regular expression included in the single line content expression or multi line content expression field.

Content check operation

Select to raise an alarm if content check matches or does not match.

  • To add the DNS server to add to the list of monitored DNS servers, click Add to List.
  • To save changes made to the already added DNS server, click Modify Selection.
  • To remove a selected DNS server from the list, click Remove from List.
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