Importing and setting thresholds of new custom monitor types

This section provides information about how to import and set thresholds of custom monitor types on TrueSight console in PATROL for Entuity Server.

Click to view a short video on how to set thresholds of custom monitor types.

Do the following:

  1. Log on to the PATROL Agent host where the custom monitor types are created.
  2. Create the following folder structure.
  3. Copy the custom monitor types from %PATROL_HOME%\lib\knowledge and paste them to the folder that you created.
  4. Open the command prompt and go to the pcig folder (%PATROL_HOME%\..\Uninstall\tools\pcig) and enter the following command to create a package to import it to the TrueSight console:
    pcig-64.exe -p zxc -s Patrol3 -r 2018.15.6 -t “ZXC Custom Monitor types”

    Where pcig-64 depends on the type of environment whether 64-bit or 32-bit

    -p is the Product code

    -s is the Source folder

    -r is the version number

    -t is the title of the package

  5. Log on to your TrueSight console and navigate to Administration > Repository.
  6. Select Installation component, click Import and select Single solution.
  7. Click Browse to select the newly created package from the pcig folder and click Import.
  8. Once the package is imported, go to the Configuration tab and select Infrastructure Policies.
  9. Select Server Threshold and click Add Server Threshold to set server threshold of the custom monitor types.
  10. Select Monitoring Solution as your server and select the newly created package version from the list.
    In the Monitor type list, you can see all the custom monitor types that are imported. You can see the attributes of the selected monitor type.
  11. Set the threshold values for the required attributes and save the policy.
    You can view the events in the Monitoring > Devices tab.
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