Configuring using the PATROL Agent Configuration variables

You can configure the PATROL Agent configuration file by editing the PATROL Agent configuration variables. For a list of configuration variables, see PATROL Agent configuration variables for Entuity Server.
You can add, modify and remove devices to the PATROL Agent configuration file by using one of the the following methods:

  • Manually editing the PATROL Agent configuration file (PConfig) using the PConfig utility, see Accessing the pconfig utility
  • Editing the RuleSets using PATROL Configuration Manager Menu commands
  • Editing the RuleSets through the PATROL Configuration Manager CLI
    To configure using the PATROL Configuration Manager RuleSets, you must set the values for the PConfig variables in the pafrulesets.cfg file. After modifying the file, you can apply those changes to configured PATROL Agent using the PATROL Configuration Manager CLI. When you apply RuleSets to the configured PATROL Agent, the PATROL Agent automatically configures all the accounts for which the RuleSets have been created.

For more information about the commands and options that can be used in a script file, see the PATROL Configuration Manager User Guide at PDF product guides.

  • When you modify an account by changing the rules and RuleSets in PATROL Configuration Manager, no validations are performed.
  • You cannot modify the User name or Host name of an Entuity server account. To change one of these values you must delete the Entuity server account configuration and create a new configuration with the new values.

Default values

The default values of server configuration are:

  • View: Regional
  • Port: 443
  • Protocol: HTTPs
  • RegEx (Device names monitored): All
  • Device Types monitored: Network Devices
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