Collection process

PATROL for Entuity Server uses a Java Collector to periodically update the status and updated list of monitored network devices monitored by each Entuity server. All data is collected from the Entuity server remotely by the Java collector. The PATROL Agent performs the tasks of scheduling and display, as follows:

  1. After an Entuity server is configured, an SSH connection is opened between the Java collector and the Entuity server.
  2. An XML Agent process is started on the SSH connection. This connection remains open as long as the Java process is running.
  3. The PATROL Agent sends Java-based requests to the Java collector requesting status and performance statistics of all the monitored network devices.
  4. The Java collector sends XML based requests to the Entuity server via the standard Entuity APIs. The requested data is returned to the PATROL Agent via the Java collector.
  5. The collection process is repeated according to the configured schedule.

PATROL for Entuity architecture

Data display hierarchy in PATROL console

The main root container (named Entuity) consisits of _CollectionStatus parameter followed by instances of all the configured Entuity server accounts. The name of the Entuity server account is the <Entuity server name>_<account name>. See Application classes and icons.

The Entuity Account includes _ConnectionStatus, _IsValidAcountView, and _ResponseTime and entities representing discovered device types (for example Router, VPN).

To monitor devices, the configured user must have at least Read Only permission.

Each container contains device instances representing the discovered devices of that type. Each device type can be have up to four parameters: CPUUtilization, Latency, MemoryUtilization, and Reachable.

To access menu commands that are used to configure and administrate the product, right-click on the Entuity icon. Some of the menu commands can be accessed by right-clicking the Entuity server account instance.

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