2.0.00 enhancements

This section provides information about the enhancements made in version 2.0.00 of PATROL for Entuity Server.

Support for Entuity 16.5 Service Pack 4

PATROL for Entuity Server 2.0.00 supports the RESTful API provided by Entuity 16.5 SP4. 

Creating custom devices, monitor types, and attributes

You can now create and monitor custom devices, monitor types, and attributes based on the configured template. Earlier, the KM had Memory Utilization, CPU Utilization, Reachable, and Latency attributes in the Devices monitor type. Now you can monitor the following new attributes along with the old ones:

  • AverageCPUUtilzation
  • AverageMemoryUsed
  • ICMPLatency
  • IPDiscardNotRoutePercent
  • PacketReceived
  • BufferAllocationFailureRate
  • AverageSNMPResponseTime
  • Details

These new attributes are available in the default TSOM template, which you can customize according to your requirement.

If you do not have any custom templates, the default TSOM template will be used for all the configured Entuity versions (16.5 SP4 or later). The TSOM template contains the following monitor types:

  • Custom TSOM Device Instance (ZXC_Custom_TSOM_Device_Instance)
  • Custom TSOM NetworkAdapterTraffic (ZXC_Custom_TSOM_NetworkAdapterTraffic)
  • Custom TSOM NetworkAdapterTraffic Instance (ZXC_Custom_TSOM_NetworkAdapterTraffic_Instance)

For more information, see Custom TSOM Template Monitor types.

Viewing device details at the device level

You can now view the details of the device at the device level. The Details attribute displays the device details, which are provided by the Entuity Server and the conventional monitor types under each device.

Setting metadata for custom attributes

The KM now allows you to set the KPI and Graph by default  metadata for required attributes. You can do this by placing the attribute as the first entity in the attribute hierarchy in the custom template.

Enhanced Agent Actions report

You can now generate these new reports:

  • List of views that are configured on the Entuity server
  • List of devices and their monitor types in each configured view
  • Statistics about instances, attributes, and monitor types

For more information, see Agent actions.

Support for multibyte characters

The KM now provides support for multibyte characters with Entuity 16.5 service pack 4 or later. 

Example: I have the following template that had two attributes Host Name and Display Name

<object type="DeviceEx" tag="DeviceData">

<attribute expression="name"  tag="HostName"/>

<attribute expression="name"  tag="DisplayName"/>

Set allowMultibyte to true for both the parameteres

<object type="DeviceEx" tag="DeviceData">

<attribute expression="name" allowMultibyte="true" tag="HostName"/>

<attribute expression="name" allowMultibyte="true" tag="DisplayName"/>


It is required to restart the PATROL Agent after modifying template. The PATROL Agent should be started with the same encoding (UTF8).

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