This topic describes how to troubleshoot issues for PATROL for Docker.


 For more information about known issues, see Known and corrected issues.

If you encounter certain problems using this KM, BMC Support might request that you enable KM debug.

Enabling KM debug

  1. To turn debugging On/Off
    1. Access the /DKR/DEBUG pconfig variable
    2. Set this variable to 1 to enable the debug, and set to 0 to disable the debug.
  2. The log file is located at the %patrol_home%\dkr\log directory. The log file name is <PATROLAgentname>-<Port>-DockerHostname>-<Port>-DockerCollector.log. By default, the maximum size of the log file is 10 MB. 
    Maximum ten files are created per Docker Host. System Output Window output must be redirected to a text file.

Other issues

In the case of failures, check annotation messages of the MonitoringStatus attribute or the exceptions in the log file.

Ensure that the host is valid and reachable.

Check if the hostname contains an invalid character. If IPv6 address is used, enclose it in square brackets. [<ipv6 address>]

Ensure that certificates provided are valid and working outside PATROL. You can check this by using the curl command

Ensure that the following requirements are in place. 

  • Docker daemon is running on Docker host
  • Docker daemon is listening on specified port
  • Connection protocol specified is correct (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • Firewall is not permitting host-port combination.
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