Using filter configuration by monitor type

This section provides information about new filtering mechanism to filter configuration by monitor type. PATROL for IBM DB2 allows you to filter monitor types at any instance level within the DB2 hierarchy. 

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Before you begin

  • You must have installed and imported PATROL for IBM DB2 to the TrueSight console

To filter configuration by monitor type

Do the following for all DB2 Local, DB2 Remote Unix, and DB2 Remote Windows connection setups:

  1. After logging in to the TrueSight console and entering environment configuration details, expand the Filter configuration by monitor types tab and click Add.
  2. Specify the DB2 instance name and database name. Both the fields are regex enabled. You can define multiple filters for specific DB2 instances and databases.
  3. Let us consider the following screenshot as an example:

    In the screenshot above, you can see that we have excluded DB2 tablespace and mentioned the following tablespaces:
    1. MyTS1 - excludes the tablespace with name MyTS1 from monitoring
    2. My TS2 - excludes the tablespace with name MyTS2 from monitoring
    3. TS.* - excludes all the tablespaces whose name starts with TS.
  4. Similarly, for DB2 monitor type we are excluding all the monitor types whose name starts with APP.
  5. You have to specify on which all instances and databases the filter should be applied. In the screenshot below, the filter is applicable for all the DB2 instances and on databases with name SAMPLE and which starts with TS.


  • If you define multiple filters for the same DB2 instance and DB2 database and monitor type, the latest filter will be applied and a message on ConfigurationStatus parameter will be displayed.
  • If KM filter any instance from the monitoring hierarchy, the MonitoringStatus parameter will display the notifications about the instances that are filtered out from the monitoring hierarchy.
  • Since we have only one database for DB2 JDBC connection setup, by default all the filters are applicable for this database.
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