This topic contains information about a patch for PATROL for BMC Server Automation, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch. For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Before you begin

To use this patch, your system must meet the following requirements:

BMC Server Automation server8.5 or later
Oracle Java Runtime Environment7u80 (aka 1.7.0_80) or later
TrueSight Infrastructure Management10.0.00 or later
PATROL Agent9.6 or later

Downloading the patch

Download the patch from the EPD Open link website.

Installing the patch

You can install the patch as a fresh install or an upgrade from version 8.2.00 or from version

For a fresh install, you must configure the KM after the patch is installed. See Configuring after installation for more details.

For an upgrade all configurations are retained and all monitored environments will continue to be monitored as expected.

To install the patch on the Presentation Server

  1. Import the new version of the KM into the repository in the Presentation Server.
  2. Create a deployable package with PATROL for BSA KM.
  3. Deploy the package.

To install the patch in a PATROL environment

  1. Stop the PATROL Agent.
  2. Install the patch.
  3. Start the PATROL Agent.

Post Installation

  1. Ensure the new version of the KM is installed on the PATROL Agent, and the PATROL Agent restarted properly.
  2. Confirm the KM is properly collecting data from the monitored BSA environments.

Where to go from here

To monitor and display the network devices monitored by a BMC Server Automation system, you must configure the KM to monitor a Server Automation system.

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