This topic contains information about a patch for PATROL for BMC Server Automation, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch. For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Managed host monitoring enhancement

The KM supports monitoring the status of BSA agents running on the different managed hosts associated with the relevant BSA server.

Previously, the KM only allowed the user filtering of hosts according to OS types.

After this patch is installed, the KM uses containers according to BMC Server Automation (BSA) groups defined within the BSA server. This means you can monitor managed hosts across all groups, or selected groups. This does not include monitoring for subgroups. The managed hosts for monitoring are only the hosts that are defined within the configured group.


  • By default, the managed host monitoring is disabled. This patch does not change this default setting. To enable host monitoring, you must complete the procedure for enabling managed host monitoring .
  • When using the KM with BPPM or TrueSight Infrastructure Management, monitored BSA server instances are mapped to their hosting devices (hosts). This is the default behavior. You can disable mapping by setting the PATROL Configuration Manager rule to the monitoring agent as follows:

/ZXY/Servers/<bsa_server>_<jmx-port>/I2D = { "[0||false]" }

Before you begin

To use this patch, your system must meet the following requirements:

BMC Server Automation server8.5 or later
Oracle Java Runtime Environment1.7.60 or later
TrueSight Infrastructure Management10.0.00 or later
PATROL Agent9.5 or later

Downloading the patch

Download the patch from the EPD Open link website.

Installing the patch

You can install the patch as a fresh install or an upgrade from version 8.2.00.

For a fresh install, the agent is not yet configured for BSA monitoring before the patch is installed. You must complete the patch installation

To upgrade an existing PATROL Agent, the KM is already configured and running.

To install the patch

If managed host monitoring is disabled, go directly to step 3.

  1. Identify the BSA groups for monitoring.
  2. Configure the KM to monitor and configure your BSA groups by setting the following rule:

    /ZXY/Servers/<bsa_server>_<jmx-port>/Filters/BSAGroupList = { "grp1,grp2,..."}
    If managed host monitoring is enabled and this rule is not used, the KM monitors all of the managed hosts across the entire system, grouped by the operating system type.

  3.  Stop the PATROL Agent.
  4. Install the patch.
  5. Start the PATROL Agent.

Enabling managed host monitoring

  1. From the PATROL Console work area, right-click the BMC Server Automation instance.
  2. Choose KM Commands > PATROL KM Administration > Filters > Component Monitoring.
  3. From the Setup Components to Monitor dialog box, select the Managed Hosts component and click Ok.

After the patch is installed, be sure to complete the step in the installation or upgrade process to configure the KM to monitor specific BSA groups.

Where to go from here

To monitor and display the network devices monitored by a BMC Server Automation system, you must configure the KM to monitor a Server Automation system.

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