Replacing security certificates

By default, PATROL for Application Management uses pre-generated, self-signed certificates for authentication with App Visibility Manager. You can use your own custom certificates. This topic describes the process for replacing the certificates.

Before you begin

  • Install and configure App Visibility components.
  • Prepare the following files:
    • keystoreFileName.jks, where keystoreFileName is your custom keystore file name
    • truststoreFileName.jks, where truststoreFileName is your custom truststore file name

To apply the custom certificates

  1. Follow the instructions in To create the custom certificate folder in the TEA Agent installer Open link .
  2. Stop the PATROL agent service.
  3. Copy the entire custom folder from TEAAgentInstallationDirectory\Disk1\files\security\ of your TEA Agent installer files into PATROLInstallationDirectory\APM_KM\certificates.


    Do not rename or restructure the custom folder. Copy it as is.

  4. Restart the PATROL agent service.

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