The following table provides steps required to deploy and install the KM.

1Download the KM.Downloading the installation files
2Import the KM.Importing the KM
3Create a deployable package.Creating a deployable package
4Deploy and install the package.Deploying packages to PATROL Agents


Before you begin the installation process, BMC recommends that you make copies of the following files to a .zip archive (for Windows) or a .tar archive (for Linux).

  • <PATROL home directory>\lib\psl\APM*
  • <PATROL home directory>\lib\psl\EUEM*
  • <PATROL home directory>\APM_KM\jars
  • <PATROL home directory>\EUEM_KM\jars
  • <PATROL home directory>\lib\knowledge\APM*
  • <PATROL home directory>\lib\knowledge\EUEM*

Where to go from here

After you perform all the steps listed in the preceding table, create or edit a monitoring policy to start data collection.

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