Customizing monitor graphs in TrueSight Infrastructure Management

An individual graph is a line graph giving a real-time view of the data collected on a specific item. When you click an individual graph thumbnail, its full-scale version opens in the Graph Display window, along with dialog boxes. You can globally change the line sizes in your graphs by changing the property in pronet.graphs.indGraph.lineWidth=<2>. This does not affect images already created.

The following sections describe the areas of the Graph Display window:

Graph tab

After the larger graph appears in the Graph Display window, there are three tabs where you can interact with and customize the graph. This enables you to change the data view in any particular instance by changing the attributes, indicators, or the start and end time of the current graph. These options allow viewing of data that is not currently part of the display or allows one to focus on a specific type of data to analyze and isolate an issue. Data is available for the previous 90 days, and it is fetched from the server. However, the data is fetched from the PATROL Agent directly if the graph is plotted for a single event or a monitor that is configured to collect only events using PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later.

If you want to view the recent data when the data is fetched from a PATROL Agent, ensure that you have set the following configuration variables in the PATROL Agent properly:

  • /AgentSetup/prmHistCacheFlushTimer—Determines the period of time that the cache is flushed to the history database. The default value is 1200 seconds.

  • /AgentSetup/prmHistCacheSize—Sets the number of data points allowed in the cache, for a specific parameter, before writing the cache to the history file. The default value is 16. 

For more information about changing graph display, see  Additional information for changing graph display Open link in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management online documentation.

Attributes and Indicators tab

The Attributes and Indicators tab lets you dynamically change statistical data displayed in the graph you are viewing. The statistics selections (attributes) vary based on the monitored entity. A colored box around an attribute indicates that there is at least one open event of the severity indicated by the color of the box.

You can select device or application-dependent elements for viewing. Select the attributes you want to graph for each instance. The attributes and indicators available vary depending on the selected monitor. You can chart up to 12 attributes per graph, however, you are limited to two units of measure (# and ms). However, for the monitors that are configured to collect only events using PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later, you can select only one attribute per graph. For more information, see  Attributes and Indicators tab Open link in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management online documentation.

Monitor Information tab

The Description table is located at the top of the Monitor Information tab. The following table contains the item targeted for the graph and information collected from the SNMP data, where applicable, as well as specific monitored items such as disk location, website URL, and instance name. The table does not have default headings but lists pertinent information for the selected monitor. For more information, see  Monitor Information tab Open link in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management online documentation.

Button options

You can customize the graph view by using the following button options:

  • Generate Graph(s) — Generates graphs once you have defined your choices 
  • Add Graph — Adds another graph to the set of graphs already plotted 
  • Add All to View — Adds all graphs to the view
  • Printer Friendly— Provides a view of graphs and their description tables without printing the additional options available on the screen

For more information, see  Button options Open link in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management online documentation.

Creating an individual monitor graph or multiple monitor graphs

You can dynamically change the attributes or indicators using the graphing options available below the graph or use the icons located on the right side of the graph to perform other graphing functions. For more information, see 

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in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management online documentation.

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