Configuration parameters for retrieving synthetic execution data

When you configure the APM monitoring profile in PATROL for Application Management, you manually configure the AM Configuration monitor type. 


If your Execution Plan interval is set to two minutes or less, the first few results may not be visible.

Configuring the AM Configuration monitor type

TrueSight Presentation Server Configuration
Host NameEnter the Presentation Server name or IP address.
ProtocolSelect HTTPS or HTTP.
Enter a port for the Console. The default value is 443.
TenantEnter the tenant name. The default value is BmcRealm.
UserEnter the user name.
PasswordEnter the password.
Object Instance Format

Select ID or Name to configure how object instances are displayed. The default value is ID.

The monitor history is lost if you switch between the formats.

Monitoring Configuration
Monitored ComponentsSelect the component that you want to monitor. You can select All, Applications, or Synthetic.
Filter ConfigurationClick Add to filter the monitored components.
Entity TypeSelect the entity you want to filter - Application, Group, Execution Plan, or Page.
Filter TypeSelect if you want to include or exclude the selected entity from monitoring.
Entity Name

Enter the exact name or a regular expression to filter the entity. Separate multiple values with the pipe character (|).

Filtering examples:

Example 1

To filter an entity with exact name like Production, enter \bProduction\b

Example 2

To filter entities starting with Pro, enter ^Pro.*

Example 3

To filter all entities that contain the word duct, enter *duct.*

Example 4

To filter all entities that end with ion, enter .*ion$

Admin Configuration
Java Path

Specify the path to the local Java home directory.

By default, BMC PATROL for OpenStack uses the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) that is installed with the PATROL Agent.

To use your own JRE that is installed in a different location, enter the path for the JAVA home directory. The JRE must be v1.8 or above. For example, if your JAVA executable exists in the /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_20/jre/bin/java path, enter /usr/java/jdk1.8.0_20/jre as the value of this field.

Note: If Java home is not specified, by default, the Java home for the PATROL Agent is used.

Initial Heap Size (MB)Initial size of Java heap memory, measured in megabytes. The default is 64 MB.
Max Heap Size (MB)Maximum size of Java heap memory, measured in megabytes. The default is 128 MB.
JVM ArgumentsType the additional Java Virtual Machine arguments for the Java collector. For example: For Java memory settings: -Xms256m -Xmx1024m.
Enable Device Mapping

Devices are created for each monitored application on the Monitoring > Devices page. It saves you extra clicks to navigate the PATROL Agent hierarchy while viewing monitoring results.

Note: Device mapping is supported only for application names.

If you disable device mapping, all monitored applications are displayed under the PATROL Agent on the Devices page.

Select the check box to enable device mapping.

Enable LoggingSelect this option to enable the debug. The log files are located at <PATROL_HOME>/<XXXXXXX>/log location on the PATROL Agent server.

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