Checking the connections by envChecker utility

Check the connection details of the applications using envChecker utility

  1. On command prompt, navigate to Patrol3/APM_KM .

    Ensure you have JAVA 1.8 or above in the path field.

  2. Run envChecker.bat (Windows) or ./ (LINUX).
  3. Enter the following information:

    TrueSight Presentation server (TSPS) hostname  or IP Address
     Protocol ( 0 for HTTPS or 1 for HTTP)
    TrueSight Presentation server  port
    TrueSight Presentation server tenant
    TrueSight Presentation server user
    TrueSight Presentation server password

    0 for All applications, 1 for Synthetic applications and 2 for other applications

    If the script is able to connect successfully to TrueSight Presentation server  and APM Portal, then it prints the details or else logs the error.
    Check the log (apm_envChecker.log) and report (apm_envChecker.rpt) in Patrol3/APM_KM/log directory.


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