If you are using the Central Monitoring Administration console:

  1. In the navigation pane of Central Monitoring Administration, click the Repository drawer and select Manage Repository.
  2. Select the KM components that are not used in an installation package.
    The column Used within installation packages lists the number of installation packages that use the component.
  3. Click Delete and click Yes to confirm the deletion.

If you are using the TrueSight 10.7 console:

  1. Log on to the TrueSight console. In the navigation pane, expand Configuration and select Managed Devices.
    Expand the entries list to display the PATROL Agents that you want to uninstall the monitoring solutions from.
    Perform one of the following steps depending on the number of PATROL Agents you want to uninstall monitoring solutions from:
    1. Single PATROL Agent - From the action menu for the PATROL Agent, select Uninstall Monitoring Solutions.
    2. Multiple PATROL Agents - Select the PATROL Agents and from the action menu in the header row, select Uninstall Monitoring Solutions.
  2. In the Uninstall Solutions page, expand the entry for each PATROL Agent and select the monitoring solutions that you want to uninstall.
  3. Select Uninstall to proceed with the uninstall.

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