Migrating a monitoring policy between KM versions

When upgrading a KM version, a monitoring policy that was defined in the previous version is not automatically migrated to the new KM version.

To migrate the monitoring policy from the old KM version to the upgraded version, the user needs to execute the following procedure on the TrueSight Presentation Server host using the TrueSight Presentation Server as an admin user. .

Defining a monitoring policy

Analyzer user accounts and roles

To migrate a monitoring policy

  1. From a supported browser, log on to the TrueSight console and from the menu select Configuration>Infrastructure Policies.
  2. From the list of configured policies, copy the name of the policy that you need to migrate to the upgraded KM version.
  3. Log on to the TrueSight host by one of the following methods.
    • For Windows: Use RDP to connect to the host system and open a command prompt window.
    • For Linux: Use an SSH command line terminal to connect to the host system
  4. From the system where the KM policy is configured, got to the Truesight Presentation Server bin directory:

    cd <TrueSight Presentation Directory>\truesightpserver\bin
  5. Enter the following command to export the policy .bat file:

    cmapolicymigration.bat export -d <location for .mo file> -p <policy name>

    For example:

    cmapolicymigration.bat export -d c:\tmp\AM -p AM_KM
  6. With a text editor, open the .mo file with the policy name and replace all string occurrences of the old KM version to the new version.
    For example, change 10.7.00 to

  7. Save and close the .mo file.

  8. Import the updated .mo file to TrueSight Presentation Server bin directory using the following commands

    cmapolicymigration.bat import -d <directory location for mo file export> -f

    For example:

    cmapolicymigration.bat import -d c:\tmp\AM –f


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