Fix Pack 1

This fix pack corrects the issues reported in earlier versions of the PATROL for AIX. For information about issues corrected in this fix pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the installation utility and the fix pack

The following table provides links to the pages in the EPD website that contain the installation files for this product. From the EPD page, you can select and download the installation files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

ComponentEPD linkInstallation file name

Download link

  • Microsoft Windows/NT - iak_AIX-LINUX-WINDOWS_1120.zip
  • AIX and Linux - iak_AIX-LINUX-WINDOWS_1120.tar
PATROL Installation Utility 11.3

Download link

  • Linux - ins_ALL_11300.tar
  • Microsoft Windows/NT - ins_Windows_11301.zip

Installing the fix pack

The PATROL for AIX fix pack contains all of the files that are required for a complete product release. You can install the product as a fresh installation. 

Before you begin

You must install the fix pack on the following computers:

  • Hosts that are running the PATROL Agent
  • Hosts that are running the PATROL Console

Before you install the fix pack, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop the PATROL Agent.
  2. Back up the PATROL_CACHE directory.
  3. Delete all PATROL for AIX files from the PATROL_CACHE directory.
  4. Back up the PATROL_HOME/lib/knowledge and PATROL_HOME/lib/psl directories.

Follow the instructions in Installing.

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