Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Network Automation is renamed to TrueSight Network Automation. This space contains information about BMC Network Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Network Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see the TrueSight Network Automation documentation.

Managing the OS image library

The OS Image library stores binary images by vendor for use on the Deploy OS Image action. Each branch in the library represents a unique OS image, consisting of one or more physical files. Branches can be created by the user when pre-staging a new image for deployment and when BMC Network Automation detects a new OS version during a configuration snapshot. Each branch can contain an OS image binary file that is added when:

  • The user manually adds the binary when pre-staging a new image. In the list of images, these have a file (or files) but no name.
  • The user performs a Snapshot OS Image action. This forces BMC Network Automation to copy the binary from the device to the library. In the image list, these have both, a name and a file (or files), indicating that the system knows a device has actively run this image and reported its version.
  • The user performs a Deploy OS Image and the device's current OS binary is not currently stored for the branch. BMC Network Automation copies the binary from the device to the library. This ensures the current binary is available for rollback. This feature is available for devices that support the Snapshot OS Image action. In addition, if a user loads a binary from the user's file system directly during the Deploy OS Image, the binary is automatically stored in the library.

Most devices support images that are made up of a single "system" binary file. However, Cisco Nexus devices have images consisting of at least a system file and a kickstart file, plus sometimes a policy agent file (on certain virtual models). Taking an image snapshot will take a copy of every image file that the device supports and will store them together as a single image in the image library. Later deploys of a multi-file image will deploy every file in that image.

The following topics describe how to manage an OS image library:

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