Starting version 8.9.03, BMC Network Automation is renamed to TrueSight Network Automation. This space contains information about BMC Network Automation 8.9.02 and previous versions. For TrueSight Network Automation 8.9.03 and later releases, see the TrueSight Network Automation documentation.

Exporting device adapters

Exporting a device adapter produces an XML file that you can analyze, modify, or import to another BMC Network Automation system.

To export a device adapter, you can choose between the following methods:

  • Export a single device adapter to an XML file
  • Export multiple device adapters at once, saving all adapters into one XML file
    Exporting all your adapters to a single file makes it easy to forward them to BMC customer support for analysis.

Before you begin

You need a user name and password with administrator privileges on the BMC Network Automation server.

To export a selected device adapter

  1. Log on to the server.
  2. On the Admin tab, click Network Admin > Device Adapters.
  3. Locate the external script action, device type, configuration trail, or custom action in the hierarchy as shown in the following figure:

  4. Click the Export  icon in the Actions column of the device adapter that you want to export.
  5. If the adapter is modified, a pop-up menu is displayed. Select which version to export:

    • Baseline Content: The current baseline version of the adapter code. The baseline contains the code as shipped by BMC. The baseline can change when you upgrade the software to reflect enhancements and corrections.
    • Modified Content: The latest modified version containing your customizations, which the BMC Network Automation system is currently running.
    • Previous Baseline Content: The baseline version that is installed at the time of the latest modification. This option is inactive if this version is not different from the current baseline version. Use this option after a software upgrade to help identify changes made by BMC to the shipped baseline version (compare baseline versus previous baseline) as opposed to changes you made (compare modified versus previous baseline). You should incorporate BMC's changes into your modified version to capture enhancements and corrections.
    • All Contents: Generates a .zip file containing baseline, modified, and previous baseline versions for comparison purposes.
  6. In the download dialog box, click Save and select a location for the file.
    The downloaded XML file contains the following information in a <comment> tag:
    • BMC Network Automation Server version
    • Exported date
    • Enabled (Yes or No)
    • State (New, Baseline, or Modified)
    • Requires Merge (Yes or No)
    • Last Modified (date and user, only for modified adapters)
    • Annotation

To export multiple device adapters

  1. Log on to the server.
  2. On the Admin tab, click Network Admin > Device Adapters.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Select one of the options on the submenu:
    • Active Contents For Enabled Adapters: Exports what your system is actively using when performing device actions.
    • Baseline Contents For All Adapters: Exports the original shipped content.
    • All Contents For Modified Adapters: Exports shipped content that you have changed.

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