Adding a rule export task

This topic describes how to add a rule export task. You can export rules to an XML file for importing to another server. Rule export and import operations must be done on BMC Network Automation systems running the same software release.

The following guidelines apply to exporting rules and rule sets:

  • The exported rule XMLs contain the excluded network spans and groups for the rules. You do not need to reassign the excluded network spans and groups after importing the rules.
  • In the exported XML, the rule attributes are embedded in CDATA sections if the attribute value for a particular rule instance is detected to contain embedded XML metacharacters (for example, < or > character).
  • The XML schema being used for the rule set XML includes a full representation of each rule and its attributes within the rule set.

The ability to export and import rules is driven by these operational requirements:

  • Selectively import new rules distributed by BMC as part of your software maintenance service.
  • When troubleshooting rules, you can supply BMC Support with a rule export file containing the rules in question. BMC Support can analyze and update the rules for re-importing by the user.
  • For end-users with multiple servers, you can now distribute standard rules across the servers.

You can queue multiple export tasks to run once or on a recurring basis. You can export all rule sets, selected rule sets, or selected rules.


Due to enhancements in the rule import and rule export tasks in version 8.8.00, the rule XMLs contain new schemas. As a result, you cannot import rule files that were generated prior to version 8.8.00.

To add a rule export task

  1. Open the Add Rule Export Task page by navigating to Network > Import/Export > Rule Export > Add.
    The example below demonstrates exporting one or more rule sets.

  2. Enter information in the following fields:
    • Name: Specify a unique name, up to 40 characters, for the export task.
    • Annotation: (Optional) Specify a comment or remark about the export task.
    • Enabled: (Optional) Select to enable the export task. By default the task is enabled.
    • Auto Purge: (Optional) Select if the export task should be purged after its scheduled execution. The default is to manually purge export tasks.
    • Rules: Select to export All Rules, Selected Rule Sets, or Selected Rules.
    • Repeat: Specify how often to repeat the export task as Export Once, Export Daily, Export Weekly, or Export Monthly. The export task must be enabled to run.
    • Export Time:
      • Export Once: Export Now or at a Date/Time in the future.
      • Export Daily: Specify the time (hour and minute) to execute the export task each day.
      • Export Weekly: Specify the time (hour and minute) and day(s) of the week to execute the export task.
      • Export Monthly: Specify the day of the month and export time to execute the export task.
  3. Click Save to save this rule export task.
  4. In the Rule Export Tasks page, find this rule export task, and select 
  5. Log on to the destination server and import the XML export file. See Adding a rule import task.
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