SPLIT statement

When you specify a job-level SPLIT statement, Job Optimizer splits the job when all constraints are relieved.

In addition, when all trust factors have been established, the steps can be directed to run on MVS images that have sufficient capacity to support the workload.

You can set the Split statement at the following levels:

  • You can specify SPLIT at the job level or at the step level. Because the default for the READJTL action option in a job policy is SPLIT, specifying a job-level SPLIT statement is not required. You can specify a different default by using the READJTL command.

  • You can specify SPLIT at the step level in combination with the TARGET statement to target steps to selected MVS images. When you specify a step-level SPLIT statement, Job Optimizer splits the job even if constraints have not been relieved.


Specifying SPLIT at the step level requires research and testing on your part. If care is not taken, jobs can hang and wait for readers and writers to open pipes that application logic might not require to be open.


Do not use a step-level SPLIT statement unless you are certain that all constraints have been relieved.

The SPLIT statement has the following syntax:


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