Replacing a BatchPipes subsystem

You can replace a BatchPipes subsystem with a Job Optimizer Pipes Subsystem without an IPL.

The Job Optimizer Pipes Subsystem name can be the same as the existing BatchPipes subsystem.

To replace an existing BatchPipes subsystem

  1. Copy the JOPSDISC procedure in the BSS.SAMPLIB data set to a system procedure library.
  2. Stop the BatchPipes subsystem.
  3. Execute the JOPSDISC procedure by issuing the following command:

    S JOPSDISC,SSNAME= BatchPipesSubsystemName

  4. Start the Job Optimizer Pipes Subsystem by using the BatchPipes subsystem name that you specified in step Step 3.


    A STEPLIB DD statement in the Job Optimizer Pipes Started Task for initialization is no longer required.

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