Reader skip open synch option

With the Reader skip open synch option, you specify whether the reader job, which might otherwise wait during open for open synchronization, should be excluded from the open synchronization.

For more information about the Open synchronization option, see Open synchronization option.

Reader skip open synch parameters




This option has the following possible values:

  • Y – specifies that the reader job is excluded from the open synchronization process

    The reader is counted toward the number of readers that are required for open synchronization but does not wait during open.


    A value of Y can be set for this option only if the Open synchronization option is set to a value of Y.

  • N – specifies that the reader is not excluded from the open synchronization process

    If open synchronization is requested, the reader waits during open until all of the required participants have opened the pipe.

Default value

Value specified in JOPDEFRL

Subsystem parameter


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