Overview of migration from IBM BatchPipes to Job Optimizer Pipes

IBM BatchPipes users can use Job Optimizer Pipes in one of the following methods:
  • Migrate to Job Optimizer Pipes with minimal changes to their environment

  • Convert their BatchPipes pipes to Job Optimizer Pipes

  • A combination of the above methods

BatchPipes to Job Optimizer Pipes migration can be done without changing the JCL of the jobs. Job Optimizer Pipes support BatchPipes SUBSYS subsystem parameters. Job Optimizer Pipes analyzes the BatchPipes subsystem parameters and defines and manages pipes accordingly.

The following are the IBM SmartBatch and BatchPipes releases that are supported by Job Optimizer Pipes:

  • IBM SmartBatch for OS/390 version 1.2

  • IBM BatchPipes version 2.1

BatchPipes-to-Job Optimizer Pipes conversion means using Job Optimizer Pipes Pipe Rules to define and manage pipes instead of BatchPipes subsystem parameters. Your requirements determine if you need to do the conversion. Rules can be defined for new jobs that have to use pipes, and existing jobs can be changed to use rules instead of BatchPipes subsystem parameters.

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