Initial implementation strategy

Initially, you can run Job Optimizer in test mode.

This limits its exposure in your site and allows for planning an expanded scope in the future.

In this strategy you can begin by creating two definition statements. Set the action option of one statement to SPLIT and the other to ANALYZE.

Then specify selection criteria that encompass some test jobs. The following jobs are prime candidates for test mode:

  • Jobs that pass sequential data between steps

  • Jobs with steps that are independent

When a test job is run for the first time, Job Optimizer analyzes the job, and does not attempt to split it. Running a test job allows Job Optimizer to observe the job structure and data access patterns of the job and record this information in the History data set. On subsequent executions of the same job, if Job Optimizer has sufficiently analyzed the job, Job Optimizer applies job performance processing to the job.

This criteria pair add minimal overhead to the initial strategy and save implementation time for the intermediate strategy.

You will probably start the BatchPlex manually on one MVS image, as your system programmer would have done for the final customization steps. The job policy global options would have the action option set to BYPASS (the default) as a reminder that no other jobs will be analyzed or split.

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