BMC product authorization user interface — Job Optimizer

You can access the BMC Software Product Authorization utility by choosing Applications => BMC Software Security Facility on the action bar or by entering the SECURITY command on the Command line.

The following figure shows the Product Authorization Primary Menu panel.

Use this facility to add new licensing information, display existing licensing information, or display information about the current processor. Use this panel to include any licensing passwords that are provided to you by BMC Software. For more information, see the section on Product authorization in the Installation System User Guide.

Product Authorization Primary Menu (SECEPPRI)

SECEPPRI         MAINVIEW Product Authorization Primary Menu             
 COMMAND  ===> ________________________________________________________________ 
 Select an option. Type additional information if applicable. Then press Enter. 
 _  1.  Process password (Requires password library and password)           
    2.  Display product authorization (Requires password library only)      
    3.  Display current processor information                                   
    4.  Help about...                                                           
    5.  Exit                                                                    
 Additional information                                                         
    Password library . . . '<hlq>.BMCPSWD'                                
    Authorization password . . ___  ___  ___  ___                               

  F1=Help    F2=Split   F3=Exit    F7=Bkwd    F8=Fwd     F9=Swap   F12=Cancel

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