BatchPlex definitions

This topic describes dialog panels and how you can use them to perform BatchPlex registration tasks. BatchPlex definitions identify the MVS images to which Job Optimizer can direct job steps for processing, and on which Data Optimizer can provide I/O performance processing.

During MainView Batch Optimizer customization, your site created a sample BatchPlex definition in the control data set. The panels and pop-ups in this section are based on the sample BatchPlex definition.

The BatchPlex registration task descriptions in this topic assume that you are familiar with the MainView Batch Optimizer dialog’s initial panel sequence and basic navigation techniques.

The following figure shows the basic panel flow for the BatchPlex registration area of the MainView Batch Optimizer dialog. The panel flow indicates the action code that you type ( E, C, R, D ) or the pull-down option that you select (File, Options) to move from one panel or pop-up to another.

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