Activating the Subzero interface in MainView Batch Optimizer

This section explains how to activate the Subzero interface in MainView Batch Optimizer each time MainView Batch Optimizer starts.

To activate the Subzero interface at startup

  1. In the Subsystem commands member BCSCMDxx member for MainView Batch Optimizer, add the following command:
  2. (optional) Define the following additional keywords if you want to specify how MainView Batch Optimizer should react if a step fails to split: 
    • IGNORE (the default) allows the step to execute without issuing an informational message or user abend. 
    • WARN issues a warning message indicating that the target system is unavailable. 
    • FAIL issues an informational message explaining why the step failed to split.  


You can also use the following keywords with the Subzero command:

  • DISABLE disables interfacing with Subzero.
  • STATUS shows whether interfacing with Subzero is enabled or disabled.

Setting up MainView Batch Optimizer

This topic explains how to set up MainView Batch Optimizer to support the Subzero feature.

Adding the DIRECT command to a job policy definition

Use the following procedure to add the DIRECT command to the policy definition for each job that you want to redirect in the control data set.


The default job policy member is JOBPOL00.

To add the DIRECT command to a job policy definition

  1. Access the MainView Batch Optimizer user interface REXX EXEC member BSSBISPF.
  2. At the product logo panel, press Enter.
  3. On the Objects List panel, type E (Edit) in the action entry field to the left of the job policy that you want to edit, and press Enter
    The Job Optimization Policy panel displays the selected policy's information and selection criteria.
  4. Type E (Edit) next to <New> in the Selection Criteria list and press Enter.
  5. In the Job Policy Definition panel, specify DIRECT in the Action field.

    Example Job Optimizer Policy Definition
       							Job Policy Definition                             
    Command ===> ________________________________________________ SCROLL ===> CSR_ 
    Job policy name  . . . . . . . . : JOBPOL<xx>                                   
    Selection comment  . . . . . . . . SUBZERO DIRECT________                      
    New definition will be inserted at top of list.                                
    Selection Criterion                                                            
       Type      Cond   Value                                                      
     . JOBNAME_ +  EQ + JSUBZER0____                                               
                                                                       More:     + 
    General Options                    Value         Valid settings                
      Action . . . . . . . . . . . . . DIRECT_   +   Split Analyze Bypass Direct Readjtl  
      Pipe wait percent  . . . . . . . __            0-99                          
      Maximum concurrent steps . . . . ___           1-255                         
      Split conditional steps  . . . . _             Y=Yes N=No                    
      Transport mechanism  . . . . . . ____          SRP JOP AUTO                  
      Split tape steps . . . . . . . . _             Y=Yes N=No                    
      SMFrecord type . . . . . . . . . ___           0, 128-255                  
  6. Press F3 and select option 1 to save your changes and exit. 
    For more information, see the topic about accessing the user interface in the MainView Batch Optimizer Job Optimizer Reference Manual.  

Activating a job policy in Job Optimizer

The job policy becomes active when you start the MainView Batch Optimizer Subsystem on the images in the BatchPlex.

Your site's initial job policy was created during the MainView Batch Optimizer customization process. The name of the job policy is defined within the BatchPlex definition. For a new job policy, you must activate the policy on each MVS image in the BatchPlex.


If you created a new policy, or edited an existing policy to include the new DIRECT keyword, you cannot activate the policy on a previous maintenance level of MainView Batch Optimizer.

To activate a job policy

Enter the following command:
mbos is the subsystem ID of the MainView Batch Optimizer Subsystem that is active on the MVS image.
policyName is the name of an existing job policy definition in the control data set. Omitting policyName reactivates the currently active job policy.  

Adding the DIRECT JTL statement

Use the following procedure to add the DIRECT JTL statement.

Add the following JTL statement immediately after a job in the MainView Batch Optimizer JCL: 
For more information about JTL statements, see the MainView Batch Optimizer Job Optimizer Reference Manual .

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