Viewing VSAM LSR pools activity

The VSAM Local Shared Resource Pools panel shows the activity within the currently allocated VSAM LSR pools in the address space that appears in the JOB field on the upper right corner of the panel.

You can use information on in the following figure to monitor the progress of VSAM usage in the selected address space, and verify whether data optimization has been activated for the appropriate job step.

VSAM Local Shared Resource Pools panel

*********************** VSAM Local Shared Resource Pools ***** Row 1 to 3 of 3
 COMMAND==>                                                    SCROLL==> PAGE
                                                               JOB.: ROHHMMT
    ---- --- --- ----- ------- ---- -------- -------- -------- ---------
      .14 YES NO  18432  ..341  DATA ....1090 .......0 .....750 ........0
              NO  20480  ...87  DATA .......0 .......0 .......0 ........0
              NO  ..512  ..209  INDX ......27 .......0 .......0 .....3246
******************************* Bottom of data ********************************

To access the VSAM Local Shared Resource Pools panel

  1. Perform either of the following steps:
    • Enter L in the action entry field next to an item in the View Selection panel.

    • Enter LSR on the Command line on the VSAM Activity or the VSAM Control Blocks panel.

To change the job that is displayed

  1. Type over the value in the JOB field and press Enter.

To refresh the current information

  1. Press Enter without making any changes.

To access the other detailed information panels

  1. Enter ACTI or CBLK on the Command line.

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