Modifying keylists

Use this procedure to modify the keylists.

To modify the keylists

Choose Options > Keylists on the action bar, or enter the KEYLIST command on the Command line.

The following figure is displayed below.

Keylist Utility panel

Keylist Utility                              
   File  View                                                          

SETTINGS            Keylist Utility for BSSB        Row 1 to 14 of 24 
 Command ===>                                       Scroll ===> PAGE   
 Actions:   N=New  E=Edit  V=View  D=Delete  /=None                    
    Keylist   Type                                                     
    BSSBKBK   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKCU   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKDF   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKGU   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHC   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHH   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHI   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHK   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHT   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKHX   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKMA   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKMB   SHARED                                                   
    BSSBKMC   SHARED                                                   


BMC recommends that you do not modify the keylists. When you modify the keylists, MainView Batch Optimizer copies the content of member BSSBKEYS from your ISPTLIB library and places this information, with your changes, into member BSSBPROF of your ISPF profile data set. From the time that you modify the keylists until you delete member BSSBPROF, you can access your personal copy of the keylists. If MainView Batch Optimizer changes any keylists as part of ongoing maintenance, you will not have access to these changes, which could result in unpredictable results while using the MainView Batch Optimizer user interface.

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