Modifying ISPF settings

Use this procedure to modify the ISPF settings.

To access the ISPF settings

Choose Options > ISPF on the action bar or enter the SETTINGS command on the Command line.

The following figure is displayed below.

ISPF Settings panel

Log/List  Function keys  Colors  Environ  Workstation  Identifier  Help     

SETTINGS                        ISPF Settings                                 
Command ===>                                                                  
Options                                   Print Graphics                      
  Enter '/' to select option                Family printer type 2             
     Command line at bottom                 Device name . . . .               
     Panel display CUA mode                 Aspect ratio  . . . 0             
  /  Long message in pop-up                                                   
     Tab to action bar choices                                                
  /  Tab to point-and-shoot fields        General                             
  /  Restore TEST/TRACE options             Input field pad . . N             
     Session Manager mode                   Command delimiter . ;             
  /  Jump from leader dots                                                    
     Edit PRINTDS Command                                                     
  /  Always show split line                                                   
     Enable EURO sign                                                         
Terminal Characteristics                                                      
  Screen format   1  1. Data    2. Std     3. Max     4. Part                 
  Terminal Type   3    1. 3277       2. 3277A      3. 3278       4. 3278A     
                       5. 3290A      6. 3278T      7. 3278CF     8. 3277KN    
                       9. 3278KN    10. 3278AR    11. 3278CY    12. 3278HN    
                      13. 3278HO    14. 3278IS    15. 3278L2    16. BE163     
                      17. BE190     18. 3278TH

On the ISPF Settings panel you can alter your ISPF session defaults. The MainView Batch Optimizer user interface offers direct access to ISPF settings so that you can enable or disable the Tab to action bar choices or Tab to point-and-shoot fields features. You can use the Command line at bottom option or the Long message in pop-up option to change the Command line or message placement, respectively.


Changes made on the ISPF Settings panel apply to your ISPF session as well as your MainView Batch Optimizer dialog session.

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