Accessing the user interface

You can access the MainView Batch Optimizer user interface only if you have installed MainView Batch Optimizer successfully.

For installation information, see the Installation System documentation.

To access the MainView Batch Optimizer user interface

  1. Use the REXX EXEC or menu selection that was established during installation to access the MainView Batch Optimizer user interface.

    A sample REXX EXEC that is designed to access the dialog is in members BSSBISPI and BSSBISPF in data set BMC.BSS.INSTALL. These members should have been modified during installation.

    The MainView Batch Optimizer logo panel is displayed. The logo panel contains trademark and copyright information about BMC and MainView Batch Optimizer. The logo panel appears each time you access the dialog unless you disable this facility.

  2. Press Enter to continue.

    The dialog displays the MainView Batch Optimizer Objects List.

    You also can select F3 (EXIT/END) or F12 (CANCEL) to leave the ISPF interface.

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