IMS Database Guides 3.0

This space contains information about the following IMS database guides:

  • Database Products for IMS Advisors and Tookit User Guide
  • Database Products for IMS Customization Guide
  • IMS Database Supplemental Utilities Reference Manual
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Database Products for IMS Advisors and Tookit User Guide


This section explains how to use the features and functions of the BMC database administration products for the IBM IMS environment that are available in the console.

Database Products for IMS Customization Guide


This section explains how to configure the database products for IMS to fit your needs and your environment.

IMS Database Supplemental Utilities Reference Manual


This section explains how to use the supplemental utilities distributed with the BMC Software Database Utilities.



Information about installing and maintaining the product.



BMC messages from the following product lines:

  • BMC products for DB2
  • BMC products for IMS
  • Cost Optimization products
  • MainView products

Support information


Supported versions and how to contact Support

Additional resources


BMC forums or sites with related information


This topic provides links to PDFs that support this release.


You can create a custom PDF for a specific topic or a topic and its children. For instructions, see Exporting to PDF and other formats.

Ready-made PDFs of this space

The following table provides ready-made PDFs that contain snapshots of the content in this space. Ready-made PDFs are available for new releases and SPEs at the time of their release. Although these PDFs contain all topics, the online topics might be more current, and the content of some topics might be better suited for online viewing.

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Customization guide 
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FAQs and additional resources

This topic answers common questions and explains how to access additional resources, including BMC Support.

Frequently asked questions

This section answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the documentation portal.

The following are general questions about mainframe documentation:
  • How can I get a PDF of selected content in a space?

    If you are logged in, you can create a PDF from any topic in the space. Use the following procedure to create a PDF of either the current topic or multiple pages (a parent topic and its child topics):
    1. Go to the branch or topic for which you want to create a PDF.

    2. On the toolbar in the upper-right of the window,  clickand select Export to PDF:


      Although you can export to Microsoft Word, this portal is not optimized for Word exports. If you require an export in XML or HTML format, contact us Open link .

    3. In the Exporting PDF dialog box:

      • In the Template box, select one of the following PDF styles:
        • Simple to export a PDF with no cover, table of contents, or index 
          By default, the Simple template exports only the current page.
        • Standard to export a traditional PDF with a cover, table of contents, and index 
          By default, the Standard template exports the current page and its child pages.


        In this example, selecting This page and its children creates a PDF of all topics in the space's "Reference" section:

      • In the Export Scope box, select what you want to export:

        • Only this page to export the current page
        • This page and its children to export an entire section (current page and any child topics)
    4. Click Export.

    For more information, see Help for BMC Online Technical Documentation Open link .

  • Where can I get documentation for all BMC mainframe products?

    Go to the main dashboard and click the name of a specific product area, or click here to go directly to the list of all products.


    If you're looking for the Control-M mainframe documentation, click the Control-M box on the dashboard, or click here to go directly to the Control-M space.

Additional resources

The following BMC sites are external to this portal and provide information that you might find helpful:

Support information

The following questions offer information about BMC Support:

  • How can I contact BMC Support?

    If you have problems with or questions about a BMC product, or for the latest support policies, go to Support Central Open link . You can search the Knowledge Base for help with an issue or download products and maintenance.

    If you do not have access to the web and you are in the United States or Canada, contact BMC Support at 800 537 1813. Outside the United States or Canada, select your country at Contact BMC to view local Support Contacts.

  • How can I check a product version's support status?

    You can find the support status for specific product versions on Support Central. Selecting a product from the “A–Z Supported Product List” shows:

    • All versions of the product and their current support levels (full or limited)
    • Dates on which support ends

    You can also find information about the latest support policies on Support Central.

  • Where can I get the security certificates required to transfer files to BMC Support?

    BMC Support requires a security certificate when you are using the File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) method to send files to BMC Support. The Secure File Transfer User Guide for BMC Customers Open link  explains how to use the certificate.

    The following table includes the security certificate:

    Effective from April 6, 2021, until further notice

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