Creating table views

This topic provides instructions on accessing, creating, editing, and deleting table views. To understand the concept of event monitoring using table views, see Monitoring events.

From the Events page main action menu , click Table Views to view the list of available table views. 

Table views and user actions

- Only an administrator user can create Global Table Views. However, a Global Table View cannot be changed to a User Defined Table View or Basic Information (Default View).

- Any non-administrator user can create User-Defined Table views. This table view is available only for that specific user.

- Any user can edit the Basic Information table view. The change is applied only to that user.

To create a Table View

On the Table Views page main action menu, click Create Table View, and do the following:

  1. Specify a unique table view name.

  2. (Optional) Select the Make Global checkbox, if you want to make this as a Global Table View


    Only an administrator user can create a Global Table View.

  3. You can add or delete columns, change the column width, and change the column view order.

     Working with column width and order

    - You can drag and rearrange the column order.

    - You cannot delete the default columns names.

    - Double-clicking the column width displays a dialog box where you have options to mention width in either percentage (%) or pixels (px).

    - To delete a column from the table view, click  in the corresponding row. A gray icon  indicates that the column cannot be deleted from the view and is required.

  4. Click Add Column and do the following:

     Add/Remove column using Event Class Selector

    1. Select an event class from the list or search for the event class.

    2. From the list, select the one or more columns that you want to display.

    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add more columns.

    4. (Optional) You can delete columns that you do not want to display.

  5. Add the table view.

To edit a Table View, click the action menu next to table view of your choice and select Edit.


The Table View Name filed and Make Global option are non-editable.

To delete a Table View, click the action menu next to table view of your choice and select Delete and click Yes.

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