This documentation supports the releases of BMC Helix Operations Management up to December 31, 2021.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 23.1 from the Product version picker.

Viewing the performance overview

The Performance Overview tab provides a graphical overview of the monitored instance (single metric) for which the event occurred. The performance overview graph is displayed for Alarm events only.

To access the Performance Overview tab, go to the Monitoring > Events page and do one of the following:

  • Select an Alarm event and click Launch Performance Overview .
  • From the Alarm event action menu, select Launch Performance Overview.
  • View the event details of an Alarm event.

Related topic

The following performance graph plots information for the FileSystem Mount Status metric. The graph also displays the event severity (Critical) and the time when the event occurred. Zoom in on the graph plot area for detailed analysis. 

The time interval allows you to see the duration for which data is plotted on the graph. By default, the graph plots data for the last four hours only. 

The monitored instance name helps you understand the metric for which the event occurred. The SID (Instance SID name) is displayed along with the monitor instance name. To customize the graph or to view a multimetric graph, click the monitor instance name hyperlink. By doing this, you can access the Monitor Details page and customize the graph options

If an alarm is closed, the alarm closure is not indicated on the graph. This happens only for the non-BMC monitor types.  

To download the graph information into the PDF or CSV formats, point to the  icon and select PDF or CSV

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