This topic explains the concept of Agents and provides information about the columns that are displayed on the Agents page. For instructions on creating, editing, and deleting Agent filters, running a query on the PATROL Agent, and viewing the Agent configuration history, see Working with agents.

PATROL Agents are devices that monitor and manage an IT environment. A device is any entity that can be monitored by BMC Helix Operations Management.

Use the Configuration > Agents page to view and manage PATROL Agents.

The table on the Agents page displays the following information:

  • Name: Host name of the server where the PATROL Agent is installed. An icon is shown against each Agent to depict its connection status:
    • : Connected
    • : Disconnected
  • TagsKeywords or labels that identify and categorize or group PATROL Agents
  • IP Address: IP address of the server where the Agent is installed.
  • OS: Operating system that runs on the host server
  • Version: Agent version
  • Deploy Status: Icon that displays the deploy and install status of the Agent. See Deployable packages for more information.
  • Additional Information: Icon that indicates the following information:
    • : Marked for delete
    • : Agent not managed by policies
  • Policy Status: Status of the policies that are applied on the Agent. Hover over the following icons to know the list of policies that are applied on the Agent:
    • : Policy successfully applied
    • : Policy could not be applied

Where to go from here

To work with agents, see Working with agents.

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