This section describes the various features that can be used by administrators and explains the associated concepts.

  • Agents
  • Deployable packagesA deployable package consists of monitoring solution components that you can select and install together.
  • GroupsA logical container to filter and group the infrastructure devices in your environment to manage and monitor the impacted devices based on a selection query.
  • Alarm policiesEnables you to define thresholds and generate alarms when problems or abnormalities occur.
  • Blackout policies Enables you to blackout events originating from various devices without stopping data collection. 
  • Event policiesEnables you to process events and set up routine even-management actions quickly and easily.
  • Monitor policiesEnables you to automatically deploy configurations to PATROL Agents using monitoring solutions.
  • Variate PoliciesEnables you to define univariate and multivariate policies for anomaly detection of various metrics.
  • Authentication and user authorizationManage role-based access to specific entities in the product.
  • Integration with BMC Helix ITSMIntegrates with BMC Helix ITSM to provide Proactive Service Resolution (PSR) for event management and incident management.

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