Configuring BMC Helix Single Sign-on for BMC Helix Automation Console

You must configure TrueSight Server Automation to use Helix SSO, to allow you to log on to BMC Helix Automation Console using the Helix SSO credentials.

Currently, BMC Helix Automation Console supports Local, Lightweight Active Directory Protocol (LDAP), and SAML types of Helix SSO authentication only. For local and LDAP authentication, the session is discontinued when the user logs out.

Before using Helix SSO, ensure that the following prerequisite tasks are complete: 

PrerequisitesSee topic/instructions

Helix SSO is implemented for TrueSight Server Automation

Implementing Remedy Single Sign-On authentication Open link in TrueSight Server Automation documentation.

Users configured in Helix SSO (for local, SAML, and LDAP authentication types) must also be created in TrueSight Server Automation

Configuring authentication Open link in Helix SSO documentation.

If using LDAP, synchronize users with the LDAP server in TrueSight Server Automation. For details, see Synchronizing users with LDAP servers Open link .

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