Connectors are the BMC Helix Cloud Security component that collects compliance data from the data source (for example, AWS) and evaluates the data against the compliance policies that you specify. Connectors can be set to evaluate data on-demand or on a user-defined schedule.

Most connectors are hosted on-premise, although some are available as a cloud service.

  • On-premise connectors are executable programs that can be run as a service, requiring minimal hardware footprint. You download and install the connector configuration so that Cloud Security can receive and monitor your systems.
  • Cloud-based connectors are hosted on the cloud.

The following table lists the connectors that are available to you out-of-the-box (OOB) in Cloud Security:

Once you have onboarded the connectors, you can manage them in Cloud Security.

You can also create a custom connector that you can use to evaluate different types of data for compliance. For more information, see Creating a custom connector and policy.

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  1. Mark Mclaughlin

    There is nothing here for the GCP Connector (Google Cloud) even though that is available in the product now. I've never done anything in GCP so I'm a bit lost here.

    It is easy enough to create some resources. I did have a quick look in Google's help and I could find how to create a service account, but it would help to have similar docs to the others covering any issues. For example, I'm not sure but it looks like my service account is linked to a single project. And I'm not sure if that is good or bad. And when I started the collector it gave an error: "ApiError: Cloud Resource Manager API has not been used in project..."

    Also the GCP collector seemed to be massive compared to the others (175Mb vs 56Mb for Azure and 76Mb for AWS). I see it has a full node.js install. Some details about what goes into the various collectors is probably in order.

    Jun 01, 2018 01:27