Managing Organizations


The Administrator can organize and manage the workload of the tenant by via Organizations. The administrator can assign Accounts and Users to these specific Organization. Assigning a User to an Organization limits the visibility and permissions of the user to the specific Organization only. Similarly when you allocated an Account to a specific Organization the resources associated with such account are only visible in the specific Organization and the Tenant. Artifice like Exceptions, Resource Pool and Notification created under a specific Organization are applicable only for the specific Organization. They are only visible when the user is in context of the specific Organization or is login to the Tenant itself.

You can manage organizations that have been created under BMC Helix Cloud Security, choose Configure icon > Organizations. The Manage Organizations page will list the Tenant and its Sub-OrganizationsThe selected Organization will also list down its associated Accounts and users. You also get an option to update accounts and users mapping to an Organization. 

Adding Organization

An Administrator can create aorganization by selecting its Tenant and Clicking on Create Organization Button. When you register a user in Cloud Security, it creates an Organization by default with same name as that of Tenant name. From this Organization, you can create Sub-organizations under it. 


Currently only one level of Sub-organization is supported so you will always see One Tenant Organization and one or more Sub-organizations under it.  

  1. From the Organizations screen, Select Organization Name and click Create Organization.

     2. On the Create Organization dialog, type the Name of Sub-Organization that you want to create and click Create button to add the Sub-Organization to the list of Organizations in Tree Structure. 

Associating Users to Organization 

Users with Admin role can associate users to the selected Organization 

  1. Select the Organization for which you wish to associate Users. 

  2. Click on Associate Users button 

  3. From Associate Users Dialog, Select the users from the available list and click on Associate User button to map those users with the selected Organization. 


Associate Users Dialog will only show users which are having Roles as “Operator” or “View Only” or “Security Auditor” if the current Organization is Sub-Organization of Tenant. 

Users will be made available from Manage Users page while associating it to an Organization. 

    4. Associated Users will be listed under Users Tab for selected Organization. 

     5. Associated Users can be removed by Selecting User(s) and Clicking on Remove Button. 


While removing Users, ensure that User being Deassociated is mapped to any other Organization in the same Tenant else it will throw error. 

Associating Accounts to Organization 

Admin can associate accounts to the selected Sub-Organization. 


Accounts that are discovered after running Connectors are made available to the Tenant automatically gets mapped to it. The same mapped accounts can then be associated to Sub Organizations. 

  1. Select the Sub-Organization for which you wish to associate Accounts. 

  2. Click on Associate Accounts button  

  3. From Associate Accounts Dialog, Select the accounts from the available list and click on Associate Account button to map those accounts with the selected Organization. 

  4. Associated Accounts will be listed under Accounts Tab for selected Organization. 

  5. Associated Accounts can be removed by Selecting Accounts(s) and Clicking on Remove Button. Accounts can be removed only from Sub-Organizations. 

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