Manage Resource Pool

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You can manage Resource Pool through BMC Helix Cloud Cost. The Manage Resource Pool page lists operations possible around Resource Pools. Currently we support all CRUD operations on Resource Pools. 


Resource Pool can be navigated through following 

  1. Click Login->Configure->Resource Pool

  2. Click Login->Dashboard->OVERALL COST->Resource Pools-> Manage Resource Pool

Manage Resource pool 

When you click on Manage resource pool, following page opens, through which you can do CRUD operations for resources

Add Resource Pool

When you click on Add Resource Pool, please provide following information - 

NameName of the Resource Pool
DescriptionDescription of the Resource Pool
Select ResourceWe can group the resource by selecting Accounts or Tags
AccountsSelect Accounts to be associated with the Resource Pool
TagsSelect tags to be associated with the Resource Pool

Select Services to be associated with the Resource Pool

Tags and Services get filtered and display lists according to the selected accounts.

Resource Pool created under a specific Organization is only applicable for the resources associated to the specific Organization and are visible only in the organization they are created in.   

Edit Resource Pool

Edit Resource Pool page can be navigated by clicking on Resource Pool name in Manage Resource Pool page. User can edit any field of the resource pool in Edit Resource Pool page

Delete Resource Pool

Mouse hovering on Resource Pool name in Resource Pool table will show the Delete button. By clicking on Delete button Delete Confirmation will pop-up and confirming on pop-up by clicking on “OK, Delete” button Resource Pool can be deleted

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